Turn up the volume on the video to listen. This is a Facebook video, so the sound is off by default.


I made this video on April 14, 2017.

The Digitech Vocalist Live 5 samples my voice and generates up to 4 other voices in real time. It comes with 100 presets.

I put together this set of clips to show other one-man-band performers some of the possibilities.

I started with the highest-numbered preset and worked my way down to 51. User settings are from 1 to 50. I've included a few of my own settings near the end of the video.

This product isn't being made anymore, but similar products are still being made.

I personally try to use this sparingly. I think overuse can easily turn off the audience.

I often don't use it at all, and seldom use it all the way through a song. Using it only on the chorus or parts of a song makes it seem more like a real band to me.