Turn up the volume on the video to listen. This is a Facebook video, so the sound is off by default.


I made this video on April 12, 2017.

Here are short clips of 81 of the settings on the Zoom 9002. I started with the highest-numbered preset and worked my way down until I got tired of doing this.

This is the best multi-effect processor I have found for one man bands. Not only is it very small, it also has a guitar-mountable remote control, so you can switch effect settings with your right hand mid-song. Foot-controlled units aren't as good for musicians who use their feet for other purposes. The 9002 is no longer being made.

The bass sound is "string bass" (MIDI 33) on a Roland Sound Canvas.

The camera was an iPod Touch.

The guitar is an Anboy that I bought used for ¥1,000 (US $9.20). I'm still using the strings that were on the guitar when I bought it.